Regular Monthly Meeting of the Guelph Wellington Coalition for Social Justice

Title: Regular Monthly Meeting of the Guelph Wellington Coalition for Social Justice
Location: OECTA Office, Orchard Park, Ignatius Centre
Description: Regular monthly meeting of the Guelph Wellington Coalition for Social Justice. Generally held the second Tuesday of the month except during July and August.

For information or to join, call GWCSJ Chairperson, George Kelly at 519-824-1885
Start Time:  7:00 pm
Date: 2015-10-13
End Time:  9:00 pm


Location: Guelph City Hall – Corporate Service Committee
Link out: Click here
Description: CoC received this notice too late for you to make a written presentation, but you can still register and present.If you do not want to present, but could be at the meeting that would be extremely helpful as it will be important to have a presence in the gallery – I realize how hard this is for a Monday afternoon but anyone who can get there and bring others it would be much appreciated.

So for the latest info on the Stop Hydro Privatization resolution going to city hall………..It is going to the Corporate Service committee on Monday Oct 5th at 2 PM. This committee can defer, amend, recommend action or do nothing.
The committee is Phil Allt, June Hofland ,Cam Guthrie, Mark McKinnon and Christine Billings.

So now more than ever we need you and your groups to make presentations. To present you must register by 11 am on October 5th contact Joyce Sweeney from the City Clerks office first thing on Monday morning. Her direct line is 822-1260 Ext 2440 or you could email her at

Here is he information forwarded to the Guelph CoC from the Labour Council:
As many of you are aware this liberal government came out after being elected to a majority government with plans to sell off the electricity system in this province.
Several groups have risen to this challenge and we are engaged in a campaign to stop this sell off. We held a town hall back in June where we had a panel and put in place some strategies and formed a group to lobby city council to pass a resolution objecting to the liberal government’s plan to privatize and to lobby our MPP to stop the sell off. We had a booth at Labour Day Picnic where we got some additional names for our group.
Start Time:  2:00 pm
Date: 2015-10-05

Vandana Shiva Comes to Guelph!

Title: Vandana Shiva Comes to Guelph!
Location: War Memorial Hall, University of Guelph
Link out: Click here
Description: The CSA, Meal Exchange Guelph, and Universities Fighting World Hunger Guelph (UFWH), are excited to bring you Vandana Shiva.

Dr. Vandana Shiva is an environmental activist, ecofeminist and food security advocate. She speaks on a variety of topics, all of which are relevant to the students and community members of Guelph. Her personable nature, passion, and dedication to her work is inspiring and empowering. If the University of Guelph’s history as a champion in agricultural studies and the city’s devotedness to environmentalism were not enough to draw a connection between Vandana and the students and community members of Guelph, then perhaps her status as a University of Guelph Alumna is. Shiva received her MA in Philosophy of Science from UoG and was invited to receive an honorary degree from the University in 2012.

Join us, October 7th to hear Vandana Shiva speak about:
The Right to Food – Women, Development, and the Global Economy.
Dr. Vandana Shiva challenges us to think about development in more sustainable ways by bringing attention to leading social justice questions of the day: how natural resources can be protected in order to sustain the earth and our futures, the impact of globalization in rural communities, and the role of women in economic production. She will bring attention to the power of activism to encourage dialogue and positive social change, with a particular focus on access, availability, and quality of our food as a human right.

12$ for Students
20$ for Community Members
Start Time:  7:00 pm
Date: 2015-10-07


Location: Guelph Public Library Main branch 100 Norfolk Street
Link out: Click here
Description: For families and friends, a special sharing of First Nations, Métis & Inuit Peoples’ teachings, songs and drumming. A chance to take the ‘next step’ towards achieving the Truth and Reconciliation Commission recommendations in our community. All ages welcome
A community event facilitated by a number of community groups – if you want to get involved but can;t make it to on October 4th – let CoC know and we’ll put you in touch
Start Time:  2:00 pm
Date: 2015-10-04
End Time:  4:00 pm

Sisters in Spirit

Title: Sisters in Spirit
Location: The Boat House Gordon Street
Description: A Candle Light Vigil with drumming, singing to Honour our Stolen Sisters & their Families.

Guest Speaker Susan Aglukark
Start Time: 18:00
Date: 2015-10-04
End Time: 21:00

“Partnering with Municipal Leaders” at the Gravel Watch Ontario Public Meeting

Title: “Partnering with Municipal Leaders” at the Gravel Watch Ontario Public Meeting
Description: Do you ever feel it’s difficult to engage municipal leaders
in your community causes? They can be your greatest assets. Come and hear:
Keynote Speaker: Mayor Ted Comiskey
Ingersoll’s dynamic mayor is working to protect his community from unreasonable risks
in the conversion of a quarry to a “dump” near their source water.
Puslinch Community Centre, 23 Brock Rd South, Guelph. (Aberfoyle)
$10. or $5. for seniors and students. Light refreshments provided.
GravelWatch Ontario is a coalition of citizens and non-government organizations, seeking to improve the management of aggregate in Ontario. GravelWatch Ontario acts in the interests of residents and communities to protect the health, safety, quality of life of Ontarians, and the natural environment. (905)659-5417 More details at
Date: 2015-10-01

Federal Election Debate The Munk Debate on Canada’s Foreign Policy

Title: Federal Election Debate The Munk Debate on Canada’s Foreign Policy
Location: Live-streamed from Roy Thompson Hall
Link out: Click here
Description: This debate will be live-streamed from Roy Thompson Hall
To view it on line click on the link out or copy and paste it into your browser You will need to sign up to Munk Debates to watch – there is a free option – which is all you need.
Date: 2015-09-28

Election Day in Canada: The Rise of Voter Suppression

Title: Election Day in Canada: The Rise of Voter Suppression
Location: Bookshelf Cinema
Description: Peter Smoczynski, filmmaker, will return to Guelph with the “Election Cut” of his documentary on voter suppression across Canada. There will be a Q and A session following the film. There will also be a reception in the E-bar at the Bookshelf afterwards.
Start Time:  3:30 pm
Date: 2015-10-03
End Time:  5:00 pm