200 for 40

Title: 200 for 40
Location: 40 Baker St.
Link out: Click here
Description: Lots of people outside the professional and political circles love and value what we do in and around 40 Baker. It’s clearly a challenge to keep funding this thing we do because the humans are much more important to our time than a bureaucracy with rules and regulations that would be required by most funders. So here’s what I’m proposing to help us get into and all the way through 2016: 200 Sponsors for 40 Baker.

If we can put together our very own 40 Baker Sponsor Group with 200 people committed to give $20.00 per month then we will survive. 200 times $20.00 would be $4,000.00 per month to help us pay rent, utilities, internet and a salary for our cook. With that and our ever developing streams of donations (mainly food and clothing) we’ll make it.

So, if you can be one of the 200 let me know and/or watch for news of a new and parallel group dedicated to this 200 Persons initiative. Think about it… Most everybody we know runs on a very tight budget but 20 bucks a month might be something you could manage to keep what we do going without changing the nature of the place.

Edward, Gatekeeper at 40 Baker
Founding President of the Out Of Poverty Society (Guelph)

For people wishing to pay via e-transfer this can be done to
[email protected]
Date: 2015-11-11