This Website and Events Calendar is intended to provide information and easy access to the wonderful variety of  progressive and positive thinking groups and organizations moving Guelph, Wellington and area forward to becoming a more socially and environmentally just community.

It is also a way for you, the residents of our beautiful region to connect with what’s going on in the City and to help you plan your days’ or evenings’ outings well in advance.

All of us in today’s crazy world are inundated with requests and demands for our time but most of us want to help out in some way. This calendar will help to sort out those activities and also allow you to choose which of them interest you the most intensely.

Many of these activities and events can be both powerful social contributions as well as fun, highly enjoyable ways to get up off our collective duffs and meet other like-minded people, often in an atmosphere of good food, drinks and camaraderie.

If you like to get involved and informed or have ever thought you should, take a moment to check out the latest Events. Pick one that fits into your schedule, make a note and…  just do it!

We all hope to see you here or there in this wonderfully caring community.