Full Moon Water Blessing Honours Water and Local Water Protectors

Title: Full Moon Water Blessing Honours Water and Local Water Protectors
Location: Banks of the Speed River at Goldie Mill in Guelph
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Description: People gathered on the banks of the Speed River at Goldie Mill in Guelph on Sunday afternoon to demonstrate their belief that water is for life, not for profit.
The Full Moon Water Blessing was co-hosted by the Guelph/Wellington Coalition for Social Justice and Wellington Water Watchers.
Karen Rathwell, Wellington Water Watchers Board member honoured water protectors in Standing Rock, North Dakota, Grassy Narrows, as well as here in Wellington County. “No-one is more inspirational than Anishabaabewe grandmother Josephine Mandamin” said Karen “With a simple copper pail of water in one hand and a staff in the other, Mama Josephine has walked around each of the Great Lakes, traversing more than 16,000 km to raise all of our awareness of the sacred role of water in our lives. The lesson we can all take from Mama Josephine’s example is that it is a great honour and our sacred duty to protect water” said Ms. Rathwell to prolonged applause from the group.

People shared stories about their connection to water. Donna Jennison said “I spent my summers living near a lake and small spring fed creek and every night I could hear them both from my bedroom window. As a young girl I came to know that the lakes and rivers and creeks around me gave love and life and beauty. As an adult I still feel that water is a source of boundless love in our lives – it gives without asking anything in return. I pledge to return that love to water and to protect it always.”

The next Full Moon Water Blessing will be Sunday January 15 at St. James Anglican Church co-hosted with Sugarbush Christian Church.

The Full Moon Water Blessing provides an opportunity every month for members of the public to demonstrate their support for the belief that water is for life not for profit.
Wellington Water Watchers invites groups with a variety of faith and cultural traditions to organize Full Moon Water Blessings in order to reflect on the deep relationship we all have with water – a relationship we all share regardless of age, gender, race faith or ancestry – and to honour people who protect our water.

For more information about how to attend or organize a Full Moon Water Blessing please contact Wellington Water Watchers at [email protected]

Date: 2016-12-12