Guelph~Healthiest Community

Title: Guelph~Healthiest Community
Location: Chartwell Retirement Home, 181 Janefield
Description: This is a group to improve the health and well being, as the title suggests, of this community in part by becoming an umbrella to engage agencies and groups in a way that connects them so they know what each other is doing. In this way they can join forces, support each other and accomplish more as a result. Also it will help to cut down on burn out. Which I hope we can model. We will also be deciding what we will move forward with and how to move forward at our next meeting –which I hope you will attend.

We are having our visioning session to help create Guelph ~ the Healthiest Community and would dearly love you to be there.

Hope you can make it! Please let me know.

Thank you.
[email protected]
Start Time:  3:00 pm
Date: 2016-01-21
End Time:  6:15 pm