Human Rights are Animal Rights: A conference on intersectionality and the commonalities of oppressions

Title: Human Rights are Animal Rights: A conference on intersectionality and the commonalities of oppressions
Location: War Memorial Hall, University of Guelph
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The goal of this event is to compel people to evaluate the systematic exploitation of both human and non-human animals, and how these oppressions relate in our lives and our communities. This conference intends to function as a platform for dialogue, networking and organization in creating a more resilient rights liberation movement for all.

Speakers include: Pattrice Jones — Breeze Harper — Lauren Ornelas — Margaret Robinson — Lisa Kemmerer — Mandy Hiscocks — Mary Fantaske

Topics include: veganism — queer rights — patriarchy — worker rights — food justice — Indigenous rights — ableism — prisoner rights — animal rights — state repression

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This conference intends to move beyond the typical boundaries of social justice activism. Integrating advocacy for the rights of nonhuman animals with the rights of humans, in all our diversity, requires sharing and listening about the commonalities in our struggles.

The goal is to ultimately develop a more complete understanding of oppression and justice. Creating allies aware of the intersectionality of oppression can afford us more opportunities to collaborate in meaningful and mutually inspiring ways. Our diversity of ideas and experiences offer potential to build a more comprehensive, sustainable and effective movement against oppression. We need to strive for creating safer communities and more responsible allies, in hopes of beginning to truly break down the existing hierarchical power structures, rather than reinforcing them.

These bold objectives will begin to be addressed through hosting a collection of knowledgeable speakers. The confirmed roster of presentations includes Pattrice Jones; Breeze Harper; Lauren Ornelas; Margaret Robinson; Lisa Kemmerer; and Mandy Hiscocks. The content of discussions will include discussions of intersectionality among issues of veganism; queer rights; patriarchy; worker rights; food justice; indigenous rights; ableism; prisoner rights and state repression.

This event is being hosted by Animal Liberation Ontario and OPIRG–Guelph. `Food Not Bombs – Guelph Chapter’ has graciously offered to supply free vegan meals for the attendants throughout the day.

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Animal Liberation Ontario:

Start Date: 2013-10-26
Start Time:  8:00 am
End Date: 2013-10-26
End Time:  5:00 pm