Media Manipulation, Class Power, and Revolutionary Resistance

Title: Media Manipulation, Class Power, and Revolutionary Resistance
Location: University of Guelph, University Centre (UC) 334
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Description: *** This is the first workshop of the 7th annual Summer Institute ***
Alternative media and the struggle by marginalized voices to be heard over the voices of the powerful and wealthy has existed since the emergence of class power, class interests, and class hierarchy. Whether the society in question is a society divided between masters and slaves, lords and peasants, or capitalists and workers the economic and political battles between exploiter and exploited are focused not only on the means of production but on the means of communication. Alternative media, expressing the views of the exploited, has therefore existed for as long as the rich and powerful have imposed their ideas, point of view, mythology, and values on society. From oral traditions, to writing, to printing, to radio, to television, and finally to digital media and the internet this struggle has been waged across all mediums. This workshop will explore how media is manipulated in the service of powerful class interests, past and present, and how people are fighting back.
Start Time: 5:45pm
Date: 2013-07-11
End Time: 8:45pm