Ontario Health Coalition Health Action Assembly & Conference

Title: Ontario Health Coalition Health Action Assembly & Conference
Location: Civic Ballroom South at the Sheraton Centre Hotel 123 Queen St. W., Toronto
Description: Local coalitions, members and affiliated groups report on events of the last year
Presentations and discussion re. what is happening in Ontario’s health care system, positions of political parties and election plans
Debate, amendment and adoption of OHC strategy for this year
Conference Sunday, November 24

Speakers include:
Colin Leys professor emeritus Queen’s University at Kingston, Ontario; hon. Professor, Goldsmith’s University, London, U.K.; author of numerous books including the 2011 “Plot Against the NHS [Britain’s National Health Service]” Colin Leys will share his expertise on the impact of the private clinics introduced to compete with local hospitals in the U.K. and the fight back campaign to keep the NHS public.
Jim Stanford economist, columnist for the Globe and Mail, regular on CBC’s news panel; chair of the Canadian Centre for Policy Alternatives Ontario Advisory Board; author of “Paper Boom” and “Economics for Everyone” Jim Stanford will explain what is going on with Ontario’s budgets and suggest alternatives to austerity.
David Stuckler professor at Oxford University, U.K.; author of several books including “The Body Economic: Why Austerity Kills” Dr. Stuckler will discuss the wave of austerity budgets forcing harsh service cuts and privatization, and their impacts on equity and population health.
Judith Wahl executive director and senior lawyer, Advocacy Centre for the Elderly Judith Wahl will speak on access to care and protecting public health coverage as patients are downloaded or offloaded from hospitals.
and, or own Ross Sutherland R.N., M.A., Chair of the Ontario Health Coalition and Natalie Mehra Director of the Ontario Health Coalition

Start Date: 2013-11-23
Start Time: 10:00 am
End Date: 2013-11-24