Announcing the Launch of “WATERSTOCK”

April 5, 2017 7:00 pm

Gladstone Hotel – Toronto

1214 Queen St. W., Toronto

Organized By

Wellington Water Watchers

Chefs and Musicians Unite Again! This Time to Say NO to Nestlé

Guelph–Wellington–Toronto: 150 celebrity chefs, musicians, artists and activists have RSVP’d to announce the launch of Waterstock at the Gladstone Hotel at 7pm on Wednesday April 5th. WATERSTOCK will be an event that attracts thousands to Hillsburgh Ontario, to demonstrate their opposition to Nestlé’s renewal for water taking permits in Wellington County.

WATERSTOCK will be a culminating event in the next phase of Wellington Water Watchers campaign to demonstrate to Premier Wynne the broad public support to deny renewal of Nestlé’s permits to take water in Wellington County and to phase out permits for all water bottling in Ontario. (See Water for Life, Not Profit program of Wellington Water Watchers

WATERSTOCK follows in the tradition of Foodstock and Soupstock, events that mobilized public opposition to and ultimately stopped, the Mega-quarry project in Melancthon in 2011.Waterstock will be held on Sunday June 11, Noon – 5pm at Bela Farm overlooking the Nestlé Well in Hillsburgh, between Guelph and Erin.

Many of the people who were involved in planning and organizing opposition to the Mega quarry are joining with Wellington Water Watchers to support Waterstock.

  • Joshna Maharaj, Executive Chef at the Gladstone Hotel will lead the team of chefs donating their time to cook for the people who come to Waterstock.
  • Miriam Streiman, a key organizer of both Foodstock and Soupstock will host the evening.  
  • Karren Wallace and others from the board of NDACT and Food and Water First will be joining to rally their supporters once again.

Caroline Brooks of the Good Lovelies will perform with Ben Whiteley, at the Gladstone on Wednesday evening in support of the Wellington Water Watchers program to end water bottling in Ontario.

“Water is a right, and no one should profit from it! No one should be able to buy the water under our feet and sell it back to us,” stated Caroline Brooks. “Plus the plastic waste created by the bottled water industry is unacceptable and unnecessary. I have been a professional musician for 10 years now, and work hard to keep bottled water off of our riders, out of backstage areas, and off of stages.”

Molly Johnson is also performing at the Gladstone to benefit Wellington Water Watchers. Molly’s participation is a continuation of her life long boycott of Nestlé products. Molly’s mother was a civil rights lawyer who fought sales of Nestlé’s infant formula in Africa.

Caroline Brooks of the Good Lovelies in duo with Ben Whiteley and Molly Johnson will be performing on Wednesday April 5th at the Gladstone Hotel, 1214 Queen St W, Toronto. This is a fundraising event to support Wellington Water Watchers and to announce Waterstock and the Say No to Nestlé campaign. Admission $20. 7-9pm (Doors open 6:30). Cash bar. Snacks provided. Tickets at See

For more information on WATERSTOCK, proudly presented by Wellington Water Watchers and Riverfest Elora see

For more information on Wellington Water Watchers campaign to Say No To Nestlé see http://www.saynotoNestlé.ca/