Guelph Community Food Forest: “Raise a Paddle in Solidarity with all Water Protectors”

July 1, 2017 10:00 am - 2:30 pm

The Boathouse

116 Gordon St.,Guelph,Ontario,N1H4H6

Organized By

Guelph Community Food Forest

Meet at The Boathouse, where Gordon St. meets the confluence of the Guelph and Eramosa rivers.

To my fellow water protectors,

This paddle along the Eramosa river is inspired by an action called “Raise a Paddle” organized by a group of Pacific Islanders who travelled to Canada in May 2017 to visit the Canadian tar sands. They wanted to bear witness to the project responsible for rising sea levels leading to the destruction of their homelands, communities and cultures.

On Saturday July 1st, the 150th anniversary of this settler, colonial state (i.e., Canada) I invite you to paddle in solidarity with Indigenous peoples, and all land defenders, water protectors, and warriors of truth. Sending a clear message to the Canadian government and Prime Minister Trudeau that we are waking up to the institutional racism on which this Country was founded. And that we are united in the resistance to the continued violation perpetrated on indigenous cultures, traditions, and territories.
With the approval of pipeline projects like Kinder Morgan Prime Minister Trudeau has broken his promise to implement the UN Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples and his promise in Paris to keep global warming under a 1.5°C limit. Climate change is happening, let’s send a clear message that the five finger nation is united in the fight for fossil fuels to fulfill their fossil destiny and stay in the ground forever.

*If you know of any folks who may be willing to donate a canoe or kayak for the duration of the trip that would be awesome as it would make the event accessible to the people who can’t afford the cost of the canoe rental, and for those who can (afford it) I would like this action to help raise funds for the:
Chippewas of the Thames legal challenge against the Canadian government.
For more details you can check out Chippewas Solidarity website:

*it’s first come first serve at the Boat House for canoe rentals on weekends, so if you need to reserve a canoe I would recommend coming early (9:30 am) to do so for our 11am departure. If you know folks with a canoe who’s values align with this action and would be willing to donate a canoe for the day please feel free to share!
The cost to rent a canoe at the boat house for 2-5 hours is $30 ($15 if you bring a friend!)

In Solidarity and Love,

Ash Berry

Guelph Community Food Forest