OPIRG Guelph – “This Party is Bullshit: Nationalism, Colonialism, and Canada 150”

June 29, 2017 6:00 pm - 9:00 pm

University Centre (UC)-University of Guelph

50 Stone Road East, Guelph, ON

Organized By

OPIRG Guelph


OPIRG Guelph

As the Canadian state rolls out the red carpet and drops massive sums of cash to celebrate its 150th birthday it is more important than ever to both know the truth about this colonial project and to resist and disrupt the red-and-white-washing of our shared history and the institution of nationalism altogether.

This is a participatory workshop starting off with a discussion in which we will debunk the popular mythology of “Canada”. Following that will be a collective mapping of all the ways people are intervening in the Canada 150 party and how we can get involved, and a short report-back/testimonial of a small but effective intervention from many years ago. Finally we will end with a hands-on crafting session to produce stencils for artistic culture jams this year.

Darius Mirshahi has been active in social and environmental justice movements here in the occupied lands known as southern Ontario for over a decade. He is an activist, artist, and all around shit-disturber, as well as a father currently living in the territory governed by the Dish With One Spoon treaty.

Accessibility information:
– this workshop is FREE!
– the room is wheelchair accessible.
– there will be access to an accessible and gender-neutral washroom.
– Vegan and gluten-free snacks (but not a meal) will be provided – feel free to bring additional food for your break if you’d like.
– Child care is available upon request with 48 hours notice. Babies are welcome in the workshop.
– Handouts can be made available in alternative formats with advance notice.
– Bus tickets will be available at the workshop.
– Unfortunately we cannot offer ASL interpretation but please get in touch to talk about how we can make the workshop accessible to you in other ways.

* Please help us to ensure a scent-reduced space. Perfumes, fragrances, scented products and cigarette smoke can be barriers for facilitators and participants. For more information on how to eliminate and reduce scents please see: