Rebel Knowledge 2018: Interlocking Struggles

February 9, 2018 to February 11, 2018

University of Guelph

Organized By

OPIRG Guelph

Join us February 9th to 11th for Rebel Knowledge 2018! An annual OPIRG Guelph event, Rebel Knowledge is a social and environmental justice symposium that brings together activists, radical academics, critical researchers, and community organizers to learn, share, and strategize. Aiming to bridge divides and build relationships, Rebel Knowledge is a convergence of academic and community research, activism, and art.

Under the broad theme of ‘interlocking struggles’, this year’s symposium will explore the various ways in which our struggles – and the structures of injustice against which we fight – interact with and depend on one another. We’ll discuss the challenges, contradictions, and possibilities of building interconnected movements and strengthening resistance. From theory to practice and back again, the weekend will be jammed packed with workshops, presentations, panels, art displays, book launches, and interactive discussions.

Some of the topics that will be covered include: climate change, capitalism, and political ecology; feminism, poverty, and animal rights; speculative fiction, pop culture, and social justice; indigenous sovereignty, colonialism, and the politics of solidarity; sexism, gender violence, and fighting back; the non-profit industrial complex and the co-optation of struggle; tactics of boycott and divestment on campuses; anti-fascism and confronting the far-right; radical history and the power of story telling; disability justice, mental health, and addiction; fighting gentrification, and more!

We’re excited to have Kai Cheng Thom ( as a keynote speaker, and will be hosting a book launch event for ‘Unsettling the Commons: Social Movements Within, Against, and Beyond Colonialism’ (

The event is free and will be held in an accessible venue. Childcare will be available and food provided. To register, please visit:

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