Recent Full Moon Water Blessing Honoured Water and Water Protectors

January 29, 2017 All Day

The Full Moon Water Blessing provides an opportunity every month for members of the public to demonstrate their support for the belief that Water is for Life, Not for Profit.

January’s Water Blessing was held overlooking the majestic Grand River at the Fountainhead Health Store and Café in Fergus.  People gathered Sunday, January 15th to appreciate and honour water and the many who have taken up action to protect it. The Full Moon Water Blessing was co-hosted by the Fountainhead Health Store and Café, Save Our Water and Wellington Water Watchers.

 “Humans are creative creatures: we can imagine a thing and then work to make it a reality.” Said Leigh Brownhill, co-organizer of the event and Fergus resident, “I believe in each of us is the willingness, wisdom and caring that, when combined, makes possible, or even inevitable, that humanity will transform its relationship with nature from one of exploitative extraction to one of reverent protection.”

One of the goals of these monthly Water Blessings is to create lasting conversations about the deeper relationship we have with water, a relationship we all share, regardless of age, gender, race, faith or ancestry.

It was proposed this month that our actions, ”start from where we are, right from our own experience. For Centre-Wellington, this must include the prospect of one of the world’s largest global corporations being permitted to take local water for distribution in tens of millions of polluting plastic bottles. Not only does this deprive the people of this locale of their future water security, but will contribute to pollution of soil and water as well as humans and wildlife, through endless production and “disposal” of non-bio-degradable plastics.”

“We are all at different stages of understanding how precious this resource is and in taking action to protect it,” said Karen Rathwell, Water Blessing co-organizer, ” The important part, is to challenge ourselves to do more every day to be better water protectors.”

Wellington Water Watchers invites groups with a variety of faith and cultural traditions to co-host Full Moon Water Blessings in order to reflect on the deep relationship we all have with water. For more information about how to attend or organize a Full Moon Water Blessing please contact  W[email protected] 

The next Full Moon Water Blessing will be Sunday, February 12th, 1 – 3 pm. co-hosted with Three Willows United Church.  Speakers’ program: 1:05 – 1:45 followed by Apple Cider/Valentines/Blue Ribbons and Skating. Location TBA

For more information or to host an upcoming Blessing, please contact:

Karen Rathwell   519 362 7615  [email protected]