Unbuttoned’s Liquid Tour w/ Luyos MC & JoJo Worthington

August 24, 2017 7:30 pm - 11:00 pm

Silence Sounds

Revered as “tight and theatrical…voices working together to croon listeners into a beautiful new place” (Noisey), and providing listener’s a “Full bodied sonic experience, one equipped with live instrumentation, cinematic production and soulful vocals” (Boi-1da.net), they return with their sophomore release, Liquid.

After their 2014 debut Planes, Unbuttoned spent three years in studio environments, exploring every sound they could touch and hear. Midway through this process, Unbuttoned released 2015’s Minute Lasting EP, which was catalytic for the group, challenging modern musical conventions. They also initiated Hummingbird, a safer open stage catering to the youth of Toronto’s Regent Park community.

Now, the experience and influence of the last few years have culminated in Liquid, a fearless exploration of textures, palettes and emotions that lie between melancholic release and stark boldness. Sometimes brash and unapologetic, sometimes achingly vulnerable, the album is a statement of commitment, and decidedly marks a new era.

Luyos MC

True-storytelling through sound, emphasis on poetry/kulintang — traditional & original composition/electronic melds. A daughter of the so-called “post-colonial”-state-of-the-Philippines diaspora, Luyos MC aims to communicate an appreciation for disappearing sounds associated with cultures where respecting nature is central, as well as spread awareness about interpersonal and wider relations/systems of abuse.

JoJo Worthington

A soft tour-de-force, her vocalizations, ingenuity with looping techniques, and completely refreshing take on the often blasé instrument, the ukulele, is pushing this local experimental-folk musician to create incredibly forward-thinking music.



Link to purchase tickets: https://www.universe.com/events/unbuttoned-w-jojo-worthington-luyos-mc-at-silence-tickets-7J69D1