Update: “FIGHT for $15 & FAIRNESS”

April 27, 2017

The time to act is now.

There is widespread speculation that the April 27 Ontario Budget will announce government support for a $15 minimum wage — to be implemented in 2018. (See the news stories by: Bob Hepburn; Jaime Watt; Andrew Steeleand Mike Crawley.) There is further speculation that the government will signal its intention to amend Ontario’s labour and employment laws to better protect workers.  

For this reason, the Fight for $15 and Fairness and the Ontario Federation of Labour, held a news conference earlier today to set out our expectations for the long-awaited final report of the Changing Workplaces Review. At the event, we set out 16 fundamental issues that must be included among the recommendations if the Final Report is to be meaningful. Without these foundational pieces, the Special Advisors will have failed to fulfill their mandate and the promise of the report to protect vulnerable workers.

The objective of this review is to improve security and opportunity for those made vulnerable by the structural economic pressures and changes being experienced by Ontarians in 2015.”

— Kevin Flynn, Minister of Labour, May 14, 2015

Once the recommendations are released, it will be on the shoulders of Ontario government to take the lead in legislating the changes needed to — in the words of Kevin Flynn, Ontario’s Minister of Labour — “ensure that all Ontarians are protected and have the opportunities they deserve to fulfil their potential.”

We know that Ontarians want change. For the past two years, thousands have mobilized. We have made deputations, submitted letters, compiled research, met with MPPs, emailed the Premier, tweeted, collected signatures on petitions and rallied in communities across the province.

We are now dangerously close to the June recess of the Ontario parliament. Any delay in advancing decent work legislation reduces the time available to adopt the requisite legislation and puts the entire Review process at risk. That’s why we are demanding that our elected representatives release the final recommendations and implement the legislative changes that will fulfil the promise of the Review.

There is no room for complacency. We need to redouble our efforts to send a message to all our elected representatives that we want meaningful change in 2017 — we cannot wait for the next election. Join or organize an action or event near you: