“Waterstock” Update Including Schedule

June 11, 2017 12:00 pm - 5:00 pm

Erin Fairgrounds, Erin, Ontario

190 Main Street, Erin

Organized By

Wellington Water Watchers & Riverfest Elora

After 10 years of diligent work to protect source water in Ontario, Waterstock is the rallying point to send a strong message to Premier Wynne to protect our water against corporate control and exploitation. Inspired by the Foodstock and Soupstock events, Waterstock promises to be a bold, impactful, and historic day full of artisanal food and beverage, music, artistic displays and protest. Waterstock will be the tipping point, a ‘watershed’ moment, demonstrating broad and far reaching support for the “Water for Life not Profit” campaign.

It’s not just about bottled water.,

Nestlé and other large corporations have exploited outdated provincial water taking bylaws that were originally intended for agricultural and value-added industrial use. Water is sacred but is becoming rapidly commoditized, ‘bottled’, and shipped around the planet for great profit, (to return, if ever, to our watersheds packaged in a piece of plastic.) The record drought of 2016 highlighted the urgency of the situation and how 2017 is the year to make a stand for water.

Farmers and communities face increasing water uncertainty, and recent polls illustrate the strong support for phasing out water permits for the purposes of bottling. Over 20,000 Ontarians have spoken clearly in support for the Province to take action. It is time to take a stand and be stewards of our farmlands and aquifers. Your participation is essential for success.

Hear from Arlene Slocombe, Molly Johnson and Caroline Brooks and Ben Whitely about why attending Waterstock is so important!

Waterstock Schedule: (subject to slight changes)


James Gordon Hosts

12:00 – Opening Remarks (Myeengun Henry, Chippewa of the Thames introduced by Arlene Slocombe)

12:30 – Moscow Apartment (Performance)

12:40 – Mark Goldberg (Speaker)

12:40 – Band Of People (Performance)

12:55 – Shawn Watters (Speaker)

1:00 – Shannon Kingsbury (Performance)

1:15 – Alisha Kaplan (Speaker)

1:20 – Digging Roots (Performance)

1:35 – Myeengun Henry (Speaker)

1:40 – Invoketress – Belly Dancers (Performance)

1:45 – Spoken Word Artist

1:50 – JF Robitaille & Lail Arad (Performance)

2:05 – Raina Douris Hosts

2:10 – Reuben Bullock (Performance)

2:30 – Bry Webb (Performance)

2:50 – Water Bros. (Speaker)

2:55 – Test their Logik (Performance)

3:10 – Anita Stewart (Speaker)

3:15 – Harrow Fair (Performance)

3:35 – Crystal Sinclair  (Speaker)

3:40 – Oh Susanna (Performance)

4:00 – Mike Nagy (Speaker)

4:05 – Jim Cuddy (Performance)

Grand Finale

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