Producing Reports For the Public Interest

Title: Producing Reports For the Public Interest
Location: University Centre (UC) 103, U of G
Link out: Click here
Description: NGO’s, Governments, Corporations, and Lobby groups release professionally-produced reports constantly in a bid to sway public opinion, get press coverage, legitimize their activities, pressure decision-makers, and generate support for their agenda. Grassroots social justice movements can use this tool as well! This workshop will go over the basics of how to use InDesign software to produce a fancy and professional-looking report. As well as tips for what to include in a report, how to best distribute an official report, and case-studies of grassroots reports being highly-effective tools in social and environmental justice campaigns.

Presented by Sakura Saunders.
Start Time:  5:30 pm
Date: 2015-05-13
End Time:  7:30 pm