Self Care for Advocates in Vulnerable Sectors

Title: Self Care for Advocates in Vulnerable Sectors
Location: University Centre (UC) 441, University of Guelph
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Workers and activists in the vulnerable sectors can easily become overwhelmed by the countless demands for our emotional and mental labour. We as advocates tend to be a vital part of the support systems for those within the community that we serve. So often, we do not realize the pressures that our daily work actually rests upon us, until it is too late. Self-care and awareness are necessary daily practices that should be utilized by advocates, in order to avoid burn out. In this workshop we will explore practices of self-care and awareness. We will reflect on how our positionality influences our relationship to our work and our abilities to cope with triggering circumstances. Participants will leave this workshop with a greater understanding of themselves, their triggers, boundaries, and needs.

Facilitator: Tanisha Jones

Tanisha Jones has an extensive background in the field of social work with 10 years experience in the sector of Violence Against Women (VAW) and a specialized focus in: counselling, housing, advocacy and education. Tanisha works from an intersectional and Anti-Racist Anti Oppressive (ARAO) framework, and has facilitated and participated in many community activities, programs, events, and policy developments within the Peel Region. She is currently working at a shelter for abused women with children. Outside of work Tanisha facilitates various events that promote gender equity and conflict resolution within diverse communities.
Start Time:  5:30 pm
Date: 2016-06-16
End Time:  8:30 pm