Sharing GCA

Do you want to share GCA through social media? It is as easy as 1-2-3!

There are two levels of sharing. You can share WHOLE PAGES from the GCA website, or you can create social media and email links to specific, individual EVENT POSTINGS.


If you click on the social media icons at the top of the Upcoming Events page the social media icons will share the whole Upcoming Events page. If you are trying to direct your friends to the GCA site this would be an ideal option to use. The same is true if there is content on the “Calendar”, “Submit and Event”, “About”, “Contact Us” or “Sharing GCA” pages that you’d like to share. Just pick the page, and then choose the appropriate social media icon (eg. Facebook, Twitter, etc.) to share the page.



Go to Upcoming Events page (or the Calendar page) on the GCA website and select an item that you want to share. Click on the title of the event, and then click on the icon of the social media you want to use to share this specific event. If there is a specific event on the GCA website that you want to share with a friend then this is the best option to use because it will give you all of the information about that event.


When you click on one of the social media icons a new window will pop up to allow you to begin sharing. In the example below I clicked on the Facebook icon on the homepage. This took me to the Facebook login screen.

If there is a social media option you don’t see on the tool bar, press the ORANGE cross.


This will bring up a window with nearly 200 additional social media links from which to choose!