The 2012 Summer Institute Presents: Eco Justice Workshop

Title: The 2012 Summer Institute Presents: Eco Justice Workshop
Location: the Square (86 Wyndham Street North) – beside the Canada Post office
Link out: Click here
Description: Join in discussion about Eco Justice issues inspired from the book Tangled Roots is a collection of powerful interviews from Healing the Earth Radio, which examines fascinating, important, and often neglected intersections of social and ecological issues. Some of the topics of discussion will take a critical look at our world today – examining the ongoing legacy of colonialism in North America (Turtle Island), the destructiveness of industrial civilization, and the ecological impacts of agriculture and the telecommunications industry. Other topics will deal with healing emotional trauma, deconstructing conventional scientific paradigms, and repairing the earth, while still others urge us to take action to stop injustice and protect our earth before its too late.

Facilitator Bio: Tangled Roots is a newly acclaimed book written by local author and organizer Matt Soltys, and published by Healing the Earth Press. For over a decade Matt has worked on social and environmental justice issues, and has been a charismatic member of the Guelph Community. Matt is well known for the CFRU 93.3 FM radio show Healing the Earth Radio that aired from 2005 to 2010, and is also known for co-founding the food security organization, the apple seed collective, the Guelph chapter of the Indigenous Peoples Solidarity Movement, the Guelph Free School, and Land is More Important than Sprawl (LIMITS). In 2005 Matt was recognized for his contributions by the United Nations Climate Change Conference who awarded him a scholarship as a youth delegate, and in 2009 was presented with the OPIRG Guelph Bonnie McCallum Award recognizing local unsung environmental heroes, and appeared in the Guelph Mercury as the Male Newsmaker of the Year.
Start Time: 18:00
Date: 2012-08-03
End Time: 21:00