The 2012 Summer Institute Presents: Woman Power – Feminism 101

Title: The 2012 Summer Institute Presents: Woman Power – Feminism 101
Location: the Square (86 Wyndham Street North) – beside the Canada Post office
Link out: Click here
Description: Is feminism still needed? What has it accomplished? How has feminism assisted some women while oppressing others? Come to this workshop and through discussion and group activities we shall explore the role feminism has played in gender liberation, problems that have arisen within the movement and what still needs to be accomplished. This workshop is especially interested in how and if feminism as a political movement translates to the everyday lives of women.

Facilitator (Sarah-Ann’s) Bio: Sarah-Ann has lots of CAT POWER and she’s always working on getting more. Experiencing and witnessing oppressive actions towards females in the workplace, at school, at church and in her personal life taught her the need to call out sexism and undermine gender dichotomies. If it matters to you she has gone to university and published papers on the topics of protest and theatre. She can’t wait until people stop policing others’ genitalia, preferred pronouns, choice of clothing and sexual orientation.
Start Time: 6:00 pm
Date: 2012-08-09
End Time: 9:00 pm