Wellington Water Watchers Calls for Full Moon Water Blessings

Title: Wellington Water Watchers Calls for Full Moon Water Blessings
Location: Guelph-Wellington
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Water for Life, Not for Profit.

While encouraging all Ontarian’s to participate in the political process that allows for public commenting on water-taking policies, Wellington Water Watchers (WWW) also invites us to consider another relationship we each have with water as our birthright. Water is essential for all of life, and as such is more than just a “resource to be managed”. It is a precious gift we are entrusted with while we are here. To honour and celebrate this relationship, Wellington Water Watchers calls on Faith-based or traditional cultural groups to host a Full Moon Water Blessing on a Sunday closest to the full moon throughout the coming year.
The first of such Full Moon Water Blessings happened this past Sunday. On November 13th, the eve of the super moon, a group gathered to honour the sacredness of water in accordance with Anishnabeg traditions. Amidst the lingering scent of burning sage, jars of water from area waterways that had been gathered over the past months were poured into two copper pots after a story about those waters had been shared. The two pots were then carried to each participant to see within, their own reflection and to pray into for the health of our waters. Each attendee was given a small vial of these waters to take home with them. WWW extends our sincere gratitude to Jan Sherman and Lois MacDonald for hosting this beautiful ceremony and for reminding us about the sacredness of our waters.
A partner organization called the Great Lakes Commons has for many years advocated for a shift in our collective language around water.
“ We love and depend upon our waters to sustain not only our lives, but all of life. We cannot stand by while our waters are treated as an expendable and exploitable resource when we know they are a source of life,” states the Great Lakes Commons Charter Declaration. “Seeing that the health of our waters is intertwined with our own health and that of generations yet to come, we are called to assert a deeper connection and more powerful role in the future of our waters.”
In calling on Faith-based or traditional cultural groups to host a Full Moon Water Blessing, Wellington Water Watchers hopes to create lasting conversations about the deeper relationship we each have with water. A relationship we all share in regardless of age, gender, race, faith or ancestry.
“We all know the moon governs the pull of waters and tides across the globe,” says Karen Rathwell, board member of Wellington Water Watchers. “It seemed fitting to invite water blessings to align with a lunar cycle instead of the current Gregorian calendar to best aid us in shifting our focus with respect to water from that of regulation to celebration.”

{The Sundays closest to the full moon over the coming year are also available by clicking/tapping this Calendar listing or the Link Out on our  GCA Home page. – Editor}

The invitation to Faith based or traditional cultural groups is to host a Full Moon Water Blessing close to sun down. To register for a date as a host please visit http://wellingtonwaterwatchers.nationbuilder.com/full_moon_water_blessing

For more information or to arrange an interview, please contact:

Karen Rathwell, Board Member,
Wellington Water Watchers
[email protected] 519-362-7615


Arlene Slocombe, 
Executive Director,
Wellington Water Watchers
[email protected] 519-400-9507

On behalf of the Wellington Water Watchers
Date: 2016-12-11