WORKSHOP – Drumming for Protests, Marches and Rallies

Title: WORKSHOP – Drumming for Protests, Marches and Rallies
Location: Tytler Public School
Link out: Click here
Description: Have you ever been at a really boring rally? Have you felt awkward chanting, or marching along in silence? We can change all that!

Radical marching bands bring music and energy to protests, marches and rallies. OPIRG wants to start a Rhythms of Resistance group here in Guelph, and Hamilton’s Flamingo Mutiny Brigade is coming to town to show us how and help get us started. We’ll learn about RoR and then learn and practice a couple of songs.

OPIRG has real and DIY drums so no need to bring anything. And don’t worry if you have no experience! This will be fun for beginners as well as experienced drummers.

Email [email protected] for more information.
Start Time:  2:00 pm
Date: 2014-11-01
End Time:  6:00 pm