Due to current Public Health recommendations all scheduled events are postponed until further notice

Our Mission Statement:

The Guelph Wellington Coalition for Social Justice is a community-based coalition of individuals and organizations who advocate for equity, inclusivity and the well being of our community.

Our Methods:

By networking, sharing information and resources, co-operating in research, education, and advocacy work, we hope to create and maintain a unified voice for social justice. We promote and engage in a variety of local, provincial and national campaigns.

Statement of Non-violence:

We believe in peaceful protest and non-violent civil disobedience. We do not damage property or engage in any form of aggressive behavior toward police and other security personnel. We do not condone violence against persons or property in our organization or our movement. We believe that our message of peace and justice is not served by images of violence and destruction. We believe that a better world is possible and that in the common struggle to build it, our methods must be consistent with our goals.

(This statement is borrowed, with permission, from the Council of Canadians, an organization whose activities often inspire us.)

Non-Partisan Stance:

Our Coalition represents a diverse variety of interests and does not directly support any particular political party.  The Coalition does not support directly any Members of either Federal or Provincial or Municipal government or any candidates running for any elected office. For these reasons no direct links to partisan websites or social media will be activated on this website or any other media supported or sponsored by us. This does not mean that topics that we publicize may not be political, controversial or informative about issues in our community which we consider consistent with the principles of our mandate.

Our membership includes:

University of Guelph-Central Student Association

Council of Canadians-Guelph Chapter

Development and Peace – Hamilton Diocesan Council

Fair Vote Guelph

Guelph-Wellington Health Coalition

Guelph & District Labour Council


O.P.I.R.G. (Ontario Public Interest Research Group)-Guelph

Registered Nurses Association of Ontario – Wellington Chapter

Teachers Federations:

Wellington Water Watchers

Other interested and engaged Guelph/Wellington residents from all walks of life.

A listing on this website of any particular group, event, notification or announcement does not necessarily represent an endorsement but an acknowledgement of their roles in trying to make a better community through citizen involvement and action.

Meetings are now held monthly (except in July and August) at:

O.E.C.T.A. Office, Orchard Business Park, Ignatius Centre, 5420 Hwy. 6 North, Guelph

For information or to join contact GWCSJ Chair George Kelly at to gkelly @ golden.net