BLACK GOLD the Movie – International Award Winning Documentary

Title: “BLACK GOLD” the Movie – International Award Winning Documentary
Location: Planet Bean – Corner Wyndham and Carden Sts., Guelph
Link out: Click here
Description: Meet Bruce Morton to talk Fair Trade and Fair Trade towns followed by a one time screening at 7pm of the “jaw dropping” and “ravishing” movie.
Tadesse Meskela, who is on a mission to save his 74,000 struggling coffee farmers from bankruptcy. As his farmers strive to harvest some of the highest quality coffee beans on the international market, Tadesse travels the world in an attempt to find buyers willing to pay a fair price.
Bill Barrett, of Planet Bean, will also be sharing his personal experiences working with this Ethiopian Cooperative
Start Time: 6:30 pm
Date: 2013-05-16