Coming Back to Our Bodies, Coming Back to the World

Title: Coming Back to Our Bodies, Coming Back to the World
Location: University of Guelph, UC 441
Link out: Click here
Description: * The 2nd workshop in the 7th annual Summer Institute. *

This workshop explores the relationship we have with our bodies and how this affects our ability and capacity to care for the world around us. Through experiential activities, like breathing, body charting, movement and self-care activities, we will explore how present we are in our bodies, and how we can bring more attention and awareness into our bodily experience.

Each participant will come away with the understanding of why it is important to be in our bodies and work through our traumas in order to be more effective activists, organizers and community support people. Everyone will leave with the skills and knowledge to facilitate the continual progression back into our bodies.

We will also explore our ideas around creating communities of care, how these communities can facilitate being in our bodies and, ultimately, create the conditions to end cycles of violence and oppression within our communities.

This workshop is open to all genders, body types, backgrounds and abilities. Please note that I cannot speak ASL and welcome having a translator present.

Bio: Amelia Meister is a mother, healer and therapeutic yoga teacher, specializing in trauma-sensitive yoga. She has worked in the activist community for 10 years, providing care to front-line organizers verging on, or experiencing, burn-out. She has worked, unofficially, in trauma care for 10 years, as well, and has extensive experience with organizing, healing and compassionate care. She is very interested in exploring new dynamics of health, community and connection to shift our society into something more functional.

This workshop is free! Light snacks will be provided but we are not in a position to provide meals so we encourage you to eat beforehand. If you have allergies or other dietary needs please let us know.

Start Time: 5:45pm
Date: 2013-07-15
End Time: 8:45pm