Funeral for Post-secondary Education

Title: Funeral for Post-secondary Education
Location: University Centre (UC) Courtyard, U of G campus
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Description: Description Show the Board of Governors and upper level administration they cannot cut programs or courses at the University of Guelph!

It is with saddened hearts we announce the recent loss of several courses at the University of Guelph.

For years, these invaluable programs have suffered from chronic underfunding, and more recently have been targeted by a ruthless program prioritization process that values the income-generating potential of programs over their social and intellectual worth. On September 17th and October 1st the Board of Undergraduate Studies voted to “delete” these courses.

These courses will be missed by many in the U of G community, including students and faculty members alike. Please join us on November 27th as we pay our respects.

There will be speeches in the UC Courtyard about the cuts, and we will also walk in a procession around campus to pay our respects to the courses lost.

Courses that were cut:

WMST 3000 – Feminist Theory and Methods
WMST 3010 – Gender and Diversity
WMST 4010 – Seminar in Women’s Studies

GERM 2560 – Themes in German Literature

ITAL 3200 – Novels of Resistance
ITAL 3950 – Topics in Italian Literature
ITAL 3960 – Topics in Italian Literature
ITAL 3970 – Topics in Italian Literature

HIST 4680 – Urban America

ARTH 3100 – Perspectives, Structure and Space in Western Art
ARTH 4850 – Honours Thesis l
ARTH 4860 – Honours Thesis ll

FREN 1120 – Basic French: Writing

ENVS 3070 – Environmental Soil Chemistry
ENVS 3110 – Resource Planning techniques
ENVS 3120 – Land Utilization
ENVS 3130 – Lab and Field Methods in Groundwater
ENVS 3280 – Environmental Perspectives and Human Choices 11
ENVS 4250 – Soils in the Landscape

Math 2170 – Differential Equations

PHYS 1000 – An Introduction to Mechanics
Start Time:  2:30 pm
Date: 2014-11-27
End Time:  3:30 pm