Location: Royal City Park Gazebo
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Description: For over 30 years we’ve gotten our feet wet cleaning garbage out of the rivers. This year we are taking a step back and inviting the community to think about where this garbage is coming from. We will be engaging in a series of actions that will go to the source and work to keep pollution from ending up in our rivers. Join us to take a deeper look at what it really means to clean up the river and what we can do in our everyday lives to create change and keep our rivers healthy.

10:00 am – Gather at Royal City Park – Gazebo
10:30 am – Choose Your River Health Adventure!
– Supporting Aquatic Species: Building Crayfish Shelters
Due in part to limestone removal and channelization, there is a lack of habitat in the Guelph rivers. We’re going to help create some for one important animal in the aquatic ecosystem: the Crayfish.
– Tree Maintenance: Healthy River Banks Create Healthy Rivers
Through the Speed River Project, OPIRG volunteers plant hundreds of native trees along the river banks every year, and they need help to survive and thrive. We’ll be heading out to mulch recently planted trees, so they can do their part in keeping the river bank – and the river – clean and healthy.
– Challenging the Source: River Bank Clean Up Gets Proactive
Where does all this garbage come from, anyway? Why does it keep getting into the river? We’re going to clean up a section of the river, assess what we find, and think of ways we can try to prevent that type of garbage ending up in the river in the first place.
– Storm Water Solutions: Curbing Toxic Runoff
One of the biggest threats to river health is household toxic runoff. We’re going to head out to the neighbourhood to deliver flyers and talk to people about how they can reduce their impact and encourage others to do the same.

1:00 pm – Gather @ Royal City Park for discussion, snacks and exploring next steps
For more information please contact:
T: 519 -824- 2091
E: [email protected]
F: Speed River Cleanup
Start Time: 10:00am
Date: 2013-06-09
End Time: 2:00pm