Traveling Inward: Conflict Transmutation

Title: Traveling Inward: Conflict Transmutation
Location: University Centre (UC) 103, U of G campus
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Description: Conflict is a fact of life. However, how can we better manage when we come into contact with opposing ideas and views? In traveling inward, participants will explore the role of self-awareness, meditation, liminal spaces and seeing conflict as opportunity for growth and expansion. Participants will be guided through exercises that enhance the ability to be aware of mental and emotional processes, while also understanding our inner conflict/balance is reflected in the external experience.

** Please bring paper and a pen.

Facilitator: Sharrae Lyon

Sharrae Lyon is a transdisciplinary artist, film-maker, healer and facilitator who believes that science-fiction is a tool that can be utilized to project ourselves into new alternative futures that create opportunities to heal traumas of the past and present. She has facilitated workshops across Canada and the United States, including Detroit’s Allied Media Conference’s track “Liberation Technologies: Sci-Fi for World Building and Survival in the Post-Apocalyptic World. She is a healer who is interested in indigenous healing modalities including yoga, qi-gong, meditation and the chakra system in understanding how we can heal ourselves, our lives, minds and bodies outside of institutional medical practices that have been built and constructed by colonial systems. Through analyzing intellectually, emotionally and spirituality the impacts of colonization and slavery on the lives of Black, Indigenous and People of Colour, Sharrae is interested in how we can overturn history in t he present moment by creating spaces and moments of healing and transformation that can be sustained and passed forward to future generations. Through indigenous wisdom traditions, which are grounded in the concept of interconnectedness, Sharrae believes we can realign with purpose, the Earth and Cosmo. Her work is an experiment to reclaim and ground knowledges that have been interwoven in her own bloodline and bone memory of African, South Asian and Carib descendant people.
Start Time:  5:30 pm
Date: 2016-07-14
End Time:  8:30 pm